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A Cover for a Rubber Neck Gasket PMTD protects it from impacts and soil pressure. It is used at filling a trench by soil during construction, repairing works, pipeline maintenance at the crossings under highways or railway roads, water barriers, utilities. It is also used to protect the neck gasket from unauthorized (accidental) openings of the inter pipe area and from solar radiation when a pipeline crossing is partly exposed. This Cover and a free space around the neck gasket result in the neck gasket easy deformation at axial movements of the pipelines at the crossings with lowering or lifting a transported substance, as well as at climatic temperature changes. Along with that, the area between the crossing pipes continues to be water intact. The Cover is used at climatic temperature range of -60°С — +70°С.

Design and Types of Covers of Rubber Neck Gaskets

The Cover is a separable housing from durable electric insulating fiber glass of 3-5 mm thick. When assembled, the halves of the gasket’s body are drawn together with screws, thus forming a hollow area between the rubber neck gasket and inner area of the cover. The Covers are manufactured for 57-1,420 mm pipes, which are laid in the protecting casing with 219 – 1,720 mm diameter, and are divided into three types.
  • U-PMTD-S protects the cone-shaped rubber neck gaskets PMTD.
  • U-PMTD-S-ОКS protects the neck gaskets PMTD-ОКS with one / several channels for pulling through the pipes protecting the communication cables.
  • U-PMTD-SК is used to protect the goffered pressed neck gaskets PMTD-GP.
You can buy the Cover for Rubber Neck Gaskets at EHZ-CENTER at the best price. The delivery package contains:
  • a separable cover (two semi-bodies);
  • fixing metal ware;
  • a label;
  • a datasheet;
  • Installation and Maintenance Guidelines;
  • a Certificate.
Please check the price for any of three types of the Covers for the Rubber Neck Gaskets at 8-800-250-11-83. You can also send a request for the product at an email address. A guide price for any of three types of the Covers for the Rubber Neck Gaskets is from ₽ 6,300. Check the price and leave your request at 8-800-250-11-83 or send a request at
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